The World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities will host, together with the City of Shenzhen, its 8th biannual forum at the Leo King Environmental Park in Longgang, Shenzhen, China from June 17th to 19th, 2015. The forum will seek to provide fresh perspectives on issues relating to sustainable development, addressing the role which cities and private companies play in realizing a low-carbon future. The forum’s themes will explore these issues through the Alliance’s core themes in addressing the role which technology, China’s Internet Plus strategy, city planning, renewable resources, and the future of urban transportation play in supporting this development.

Through a series of panel discussions, workshops, and presentations from leading researchers, government officials, and business leaders, the forum will foster an exchange of opinions on shared topics between Chinese and Western cities, promote business opportunities, transfer of technology, and support the development of joint research projects, with a particular focus on developing green hospitals and integrating renewable resources.

The wealth of expertise and experience on hand at the forum will also serve as a basis for the development of toolboxes to be used for the development of low-carbon ecosystems.

The discussions will focus on the following themes

  • The relationship between cities and environment;
  • Low-carbon energy and resources;
  • Smart city development: from conceptualization to realization;
  • Low-carbon smart traffic outlook;
  • Innovation 2.0 - "Internet Plus" Strategy

Through a series of presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, we expect to produce the following results:

  • provide fresh perspectives on sustainable development in China;
  • exchange opinions on shared topics between Chinese and Western cities;
  • promote business opportunities, technology transfer activities, and research projects, particularly for green hospitals and renewable resources;
  • build up content (cases, methodologies, etc.,) for toolboxes to be used for the development of low-carbon ecosystems.

Since 2011, our Forums have welcomed more than 1000 participants from all over the world. We joined forces with the City of Shenzhen two years ago to highlight the increasing information exchange activity conducted between China and Europe. This advance has enabled us to connect big picture thinking with support from the project level. This year we plan to make the forums more effective and beneficial for all the participants.

Download the forum agenda here.

For more information regarding the forum, please feel free to contact us.


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