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11 June 2018

AVM Summer meeting, June 11th, 2018; 12:00-16:00 Studio K, Hotel Klaus K, Helsinki

The AVM ecosystem held a summer meeting for Anchors, SME members, and City members on June 11th at the Hotel Klaus K in Helsinki from 12:00,  to 16:00. Members can access presentations from the meeting in the Members’ Area of this website.

  • 12:00      Lunch
  • 13:00      Opening, Jussi Hulkkonen, Deputy General Secretary, WALCC
    • Introduction of participants
  • 13:15      Project status, Johan Wallin, Managing Partner, Synocus
    • Focus areas
    • International opportunities (feedback from Tengchong, SMS Oslo, Silicon Valley, WALCC Toronto,…
    • Updated roadmap
  • 13:30      Member project: Shaping the future, Kalle Einola, Manager, Technology, Product Safety & IPR
  • 13:45      Focus Area update; Autonomous vehicles, Esko Mertsalmi, CEO, Unikie
  • 14:00 Focus Area update: City Logistics, Jukka Pellinen, Project Manager, TAMK
  • 14:15 Focus Area update: Software development, Johan Wallin, Managing Partner, Synocus
  • 14:30 Coffee
  • 14:45 SuomiAreena update: Henrik Hultin, Senior Consultant, Synocus
  • 15:00 Business Finland update: Martti Korkiakoski, Business Finland
  • 15:15 Group discussions; what is the direction of AVM for the future
    • Member recruitment; Telia input
    • Focus Areas
    • Business Finland collaboration
    • International activities; market shaping, e.g. collaboration with SVIBI
    • AVM 2018-2019 roadmap
  • 15:45 Conclusions and next steps
  • 16:00 Networking and refreshments