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18 May 2018

WALCC Forum (18th and 19th, May, 2018, Tengchong, China)

Venue: Empark Grand Hotel, Tengchong, Yunnan province

Main forum themes: Belt and Road Initiative and Big Health

Sub-forum themes:

  • Parallel workshop 1:New Smart Energy (9:00-17:30,full day)
    This will support both technology and service innovations as well as the system level transformations necessary to realize true low-carbon energy production. We invite experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from microgrid to energy storage, including key technologies of advanced energy storage system, industrialization solutions, future development of the industries and related policy interpretation.
  • Parallel workshop 2: Green Health Care (9:00-12:30, morning)
    Public health had always been the basis of social development. The discussion of elderly care in the context of low carbon development is especially relevant under the current Chinese economy. With the potential industry development, topics such as ageing of population, future elderly care business model, service supply chain, capital investment mechanism, and related government policies, etc.will be the main theme of the session.
  • Parallel workshop 3:Circular Economy Industrial Park (9:00-12:30, morning)
    The circular economy represents a radical, systemic, and re-envisioning of existing economic models, which only consider efficient recycling of materials. The new economic model concerns all elements of production and consumption. Consequently, it calls for the participation and commitment from every component of society , including international business, regulators, and researchers.
  • Parallel workshop 4:Carbon Trading and Carbon Sequestration Market (14:00-17:30, afternoon)
    This session shall discuss topics related to carbon market dynamics including carbon capture and storage, carbon trading, and green finance. Market activities of combating climate change including afforestation, forest management, decreasing deforestation and other activities associated with increasing carbon sink and reducing emissions. Green financial system encourages social capital to transform from high-pollution and high-energy-consumption industries toward energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly industries.

Tengchong is located in the southwest part of Yunnan province and bordered with Burma
Tengchong is an important part of the Belt and Road initiative
Tengchong Government has paid attention to cleantech and health-care industries in recent years

You can download the preliminary agenda for the Forum here