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2 October 2013

Ajelo, Miktech, and Schneider Electric – welcoming WALCC’s latest members

The World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities is pleased to announce the addition of three valued new members to its network in Ajelo, Schneider Electric, and Miktech. As members of the WALCC, each of these members brings a unique set of skills and areas of expertise which are of great benefit to the Alliance’s efforts to further the development of low-carbon enabling technology, social conventions, and political frameworks.

Through their efforts in the field of demand responsive public transport, in the development of a mobile application for the Helsinki capital area’s public transport agency’s (HSL) on-demand bus service Kutsuplus, the Finnish software developer Ajelo has made significant advances in creating a new form of public transport which is molded along the demands of today’s urban populace.

As one of the world’s leaders in developing advanced energy solutions, the French electricity distribution and automation management company Schneider Electric supports the Alliance’s development of green, sustainable energy solutions with its strong international network and proven expertise in the advancement of energy technologies.

The Mikkeli based Finnish innovation and technology center Miktech Ltd. is a strongly technology development focused organization with a particular focus on environmentally minded areas. Among the companies’ four key focus areas are the development of bio-energy solutions and environmental safety. This expertise is in line with the Alliance’s development of sustainable, renewable energy solutions and its overall devotion to securing the safety of the environment.