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26 March 2014

China Vanke Co., Ltd. becomes the WALCC’s latest Diamond level member

China Vanke Co., Ltd. is China’s largest residential developer and is engaged in the development, management, and sales of properties in some 50 cities across the country as well as developments in four overseas cities.

Vanke is dedicated to leading the industry in energy conservation and emission reduction, and promoting green buildings and housing industrialization. In 2011, it created 2.737 million square meters of three-star green housing, accounting for 50.7% of the national total. The company seeks to continue developing its green building initiatives through the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities and its global network of leading experts and companies in the field.

As a Diamond member in the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities, the company serves as a central connection to China’s vast property development market in the Alliance’s efforts to advance sustainable property development in China’s growing urban centers.