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21 February 2020

Cities setting goals and reaching them

The ripples of the waves set out by the Paris Climate agreement signed in 2016 have accelerated the pace at which cities the world over progress towards carbon neutrality and, eventually, zero emissions. This is evident in the steady stream of headlines noting the targets set by cities, aiming to reach carbon-neutrality in 2030, 2035, and beyond. However, the research on how many cities have actually made progress in advancing these targets has been fairly localized and case-specific. Now, however, the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project), an organization tracking the commitments, actions, and achievements of companies around the world, has set out to shed light on the work cities are doing. With the publication of a list of cities around the world, the CDP is putting cities under the same magnifying glass as companies in their efforts to reduce emissions.

Among the leaders of the pack of global cities on the organization’s A-List (climate leaders) is the Finnish city Lahti, which trails a handful of cities, such as Palo Alto and Stockholm, and has nearly reached the half-way point towards it emissions reduction target. Follow the progress of cities in their efforts at the CDP’s website.

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