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16 September 2019

Dutch airline KLM replaces route with rail-equivalent

In a move in line with recent trends towards reducing short-distance air travel and the increasing pressure on airlines to reduce emissions from their operations, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have announced the replacement of one of its daily services between Brussels and Amsterdam with corresponding seat capacity aboard the high-speed train linking the two cities. This is part of a long-term plan developed by the airline and Thalys and NS Dutch Railways, the operators of the rail connection, to reduce the number of flights between the two cities. KLM’s support of this program is contingent upon the ability to meet the speed, reliability, and comfort of air travel in the rail connection which replaces it. While this first step only reduces the number of daily flights operated by KLM from five to four, this move brings a much-needed boost of support to rail services which sets a model for further cooperation in Europe and beyond.

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