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10 January 2020

EV sales took an upward swing in 2019

With the year’s automotive market now beginning to take shape, last year seems a banner year for the rise of electric vehicles (EV). EVs took a 2.2% share of the global vehicle market over the first 10 months of the year while automakers made strong bets on the future of electrification, committing a combined $225 billion to electric models and announcing a host of competitively priced models geared to inspire further growth. That said, EV sales continue to be slow in areas without attractive incentives to drive adoption, such as Norway and China. While only representing a 2% share of total auto sales, Finland’s EV registrations jumped 140% over 2018, going from 776 in 2018 to 1 897 in 2019, suggesting a notable leap in consumer’s interest.

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