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9 September 2019

Finland’s capital region home to new ride-sharing pilot

HSL, Helsinki Region Transport, announced the launch of a new pilot service in Espoo, part of the tri-city capital region, which sees the region continuing in the pioneering footsteps it took in 2012 with the launch of the Kutsuplus on-demand ride service. The new service, Kutsukyyti or on-demand ride, will be piloted in a limited area on the border between the cities of Espoo and Helsinki and will allow riders to request rides by means of a smartphone app. This service combines the strengths of public transit and ride-hailing services by tailoring routes according to demand using an algorithm which increases the capacity of rides while still affording more variability and flexibility than traditional fixed routes. The new service has funding of €500 000 assigned to it for the pilot and aims to build up its user base over the course of its six month pilot as well as identify what users require from such services in order to ensure its continued operation. The service builds on past experience from the Kutsuplus service as well the experiences of operator ViaVan who has established similar services in Berlin, London, and Amsterdam.

Read HSL’s announcement of the pilot