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4 June 2019

Finland’s new government outlines path to carbon neutrality in 2035

Finland’s newly assembled government—led by the Social Democrat Party, it includes the Center Party, Greens, Left Alliance, and Swedish People’s Party—issued the policy statement outlining the priorities, goals, and measures for the four-year legislative session. This statement set forth a climate agenda notable for its ambitious tackling of climate change and its goal of making Finland carbon neutral by 2035, making it the first country in the EU to set such an ambitious target—with the European Union setting a goal of 2050, Scotland set the previous low mark by aiming at carbon neutrality by 2045.

The newly assembled Finnish government proposes to achieve carbon neutrality through a broad spectrum of changes, ranging from increasing taxation on fossil fuels in transit, setting strict deadlines for the use of coal in heating, supporting the establishing of electric mobility infrastructure, providing incentives for the production of renewable energy, and increasing financial support for electric vehicle adoption. With these measures and through achieving these goals, the government sees Finland setting a realistic path towards holding global warming to a 1.5-degree increase.

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