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11 August 2017

Report assess public’s attitude towards MaaS in London

A report set to be released by University College of London Energy & Transport expert Dr. Maria Kamargianni presents the results of a study conducted on the attitudes of London residents regarding mobility and transportation as well as an impact study of the potential for MaaS in London. This study, a summary of the results were published in advance of the complete study, offers significant insight into the potential for MaaS in one of the world’s most populous, heavily-trafficked metropolitan areas. The potential for MaaS realization in such densely populated centers has yet to be comprehensively assessed, with current efforts underway in limited scope and in less-heavily populated cities. As such the attitudes of Londoners can serve as a foreshadowing of the challenges today’s nascent MaaS systems will face as they expand beyond cities such as Helsinki or regions like the West Midlands.

The study reveals that among regular uses of public transport, 34% do not expect the introduction of a MaaS solution to change their use of public transport, while 22% of these regular users expected to increase their usage, and 29% would expect to increase their use of taxis to replace public transportation. Among car users, however, 25% remained confident in their continued use of private cars, while 25% were likely to opt for train or rube connections, and 20% were drawn to the potential of shared car-use.

The complete report, including the full assessment of the MaaS system’s potential in London will be published at the MaaSLab’s website. 

An overview of the preliminary results.