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3 July 2013

Shenzhen Forum a carbon neutral event

The Fourth Low Carbon City Development World Forum aimed to promote low-carbon green concepts, raise societal awareness of climate change, and address the development of low-carbon cities. The China Green Carbon Foundation, a member of the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities, together with the organizers of the Shenzhen Forum proposed to make the Forum a carbon-neutral conference by offsetting its emissions through planting trees.

According to an emissions calculation by Beijing Gloriam Climate Technology Consulting, audited by the China Green Carbon Foundation, the total carbon emissions resulting from this Forum amounted to about 509 T equivalent of CO2. The China Green Carbon Foundation donated RMB 35 000 to plant 2.3 acres of carbon sequestration forest to offset the Shenzhen Forum’s carbon emissions over the next 10 years.

The Fourth Low Carbon City Development World Forum was successfully held as a carbon neutral event.