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3 April 2020

United Nations climate talks postponed

As the world tackles the immense challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the reverberations are constantly expanding and their scope is uncertain. Alongside the human toll the virus is taking on the world’s societies in the immediate span of days, weeks, and months, the impact of the virus could very well extend far beyond this. The postponement of the UN climate talks to be held in Scotland this coming November is among the first concrete signals of the potential consequences the new prioritization demanded by the pandemic could have on emissions reduction efforts. The talks in Scotland, COP26, was set to lay out concrete measures for long-term pollution reduction to, hopefully, align the goals of governments and the targets they set at 21st COP in Paris in 2016. Now, however, the postponement reduces pressure on the governments and only compounds the impact of the shift in priorities mandated by the immediate crisis. These delays can be crucial in setting progress back despite the temporary reduction in emissions resulting form the reduced air and commuter traffic and call for increased attention as the world emerges from the pandemic.
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