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2 October 2013

WALCC holds Smart Cities Forum in Malmo, Sweden

The World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities Forum held in Malmö, Sweden at the end of September focused on the theme of modern, sustainable urban living, and explored solutions for realizing next generation ‘Smart Cities’. Together with the city of Malmö and Region Skåne, the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities hosted an impressive array of speakers from companies such as Amperex Technology Limited, IBM, KONE, Schneider Electric, and Volvo. In addition researchers from Lund, Malmö, Aalto, Tampere and Tsinghua universities as well as MIT ensured that the discussions included significant academic input as well.

Upon the conference’s conclusion, the Chairman of the WALCC Professor Kang Feiyu, of Tsinghua University, announced a number of initiatives he could foresee being the focus of the Alliance for the year ahead, including, amongst others, the strengthening of research collaboration between China and Europe, and providing European low-carbon technology to the new Shenzhen International Low-Carbon Town Convention & Exhibition Center.

The main decisions made by the Annual General Meeting of the WALCC regarding 2014 included the confirmation of next year’s conferences; the spring conference will be held in cooperation with the Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City and take place June 18-20, 2014. The fall forum in turn will be held in the Finnish city of Tampere, October 7-8, 2014.  In addition to these official events, there will be a number of additional activities for the Alliance and its members.

A new platform for structuring the work of individual Alliance members around public and private sector collaboration, developed in conjunction with a research project called Systemic Architectures will also be available to WALCC members. This project, which has been initiated by Aalto University and the University of Tampere, will integrate the development of new frameworks and tools for the development of smart cities with the expansion of cooperation between city governments and private companies in sustainability related initiatives. Additional universities, such as those of Lund, Malmö, Tsinghua, and the Hong Kong City University are all involved in this research project. Other universities may join the project at a later point.

The academic research project will also invite companies to participate in the collaboration. For more details please contact WALCC officers.

For those interested in learning more about the conference’s findings, please contact WALCC staff to learn more about joining the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities to gain access to the material presented at conferences and otherwise published by the Alliance. Membership will also provide access to the Alliance’s multi-national network of forward thinking researchers, government authorities, and private companies, and offer significant discounts when joining future events.