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Our Mission

Our ambition is to develop the World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities into a global, professional community uniting leading experts with a strong interest in furthering the development of low-carbon cities

What does the Alliance offer?

The community is supported by an online platform ( for knowledge exchange and through bi-annual forums, which provide individuals and organizations with useful information, as well as an opportunity to address an international audience.

Together, the services provided by the WALCC help to strengthen its network of like-minded individuals by providing a platform, which enables them to connect with other professionals all around the world and drive low-carbon development together.


The World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities is open to cities, companies and research institutes committed to furthering the global fight to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Members gain the possibility to influence policy and standard-making and, thus, to better position themselves in the growing low-carbon technology and services market.

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