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session 1

The World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities and the new order

Setting the Scenery

This panel will provide an overview of the achievements of the WALCC during its first decade, starting with the Eco Urban Living project, which helped Espoo become the pioneer of electric mobility, and Valmet Automotive enter collaboration with CATL to become a leader in battery packs. The main part of the panel discussion will be devoted to the potential of the WALCC as a collaboration platform, based on the ideas of national resilience and long-term viability. The discussion will also address the impact of geopolitical turbulence on companies as they drive decarbonization.

on stage


Johan Wallin

Managing Partner, Synocus – Synocus has been a forerunner in developing the practice of ecosystem orchestration since the late 1990s. Synocus brings stakeholders together to form ecosystems that provide extraordinary performance.


Mari Päätalo

Development Manager, Sustainability, City of Espoo – Espoo is building a sustainable future through mobility, construction, and energy solutions, by offering teaching and education supporting a sustainable lifestyle, by providing culture, sports, and social and health care services enhancing wellbeing, and by maintaining comfortable nature and green areas nearby. Espoo has been selected as one of the 100 Climate-neutral and Smart Cities, making the City a key European experimentation environment for smart and sustainable urban solutions.


Mikko Kosonen

Chairman of the Board, Aalto University – Mikko Kosonen has been elected to the board of Aalto University in 2015, Mikko Kosonen has served as President of Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, from 2008 to 2019. Before that, he served in different positions at Nokia, for example as senior vice president of strategy and as a senior advisor. He received his doctoral degree from the Helsinki School of Economics and has written several books on strategy.


Hanna Uusitalo

Environmental Director, KONE Corporation – Hanna Uusitalo joined KONE in 2008 as Environmental Director. She is responsible for driving the corporate environmental program, ensuring that the environmental targets are ambitious in the short and long term in operations, in services, and in solutions offered by KONE. Prior to KONE, she had a career in consulting and education as well as in the Ministry of Defense. She is an environmental engineer and holds an MSc. in environmental science and technology. She is also a professional vocational trainer. She is KONE’s Liaison Delegate in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, KONE representative in the European Roundtable for Industrialists (Energy and Climate), and KONE representative in the Sustainability Group of the Finnish Technology Industries.


Jarkko Sairanen

Chairman of the Board, Valmet Automotive – Jarkko Sairanen joined Valmet Automotive Board of Directors in 2010 and has acted as the Chairman of the Board since 2014. Sairanen has more than 30 years of international experience in leading and shaping high-tech as well as professional services companies. He has a strong acumen for building new businesses, transforming old ones as well as creating high-performing teams. During his career, he has lived several years abroad in Germany, France, and the US. Sairanen has earned his MBA from INSEAD in France and M.Sc. from Helsinki University of Technology.