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session 6

Companies supporting urban resilience

Looking for Solutions

Cities must strengthen their cooperation with the private sector to fulfill their longer-term ambitions towards carbon neutrality. Here, there is a high need for innovations to speed up the transformation. In this panel we will hear the views of companies with complementary strengths: Skanska, Vaisala, and Fidelix who will share how they intend to work together with Tampere, also an EU 100 Climate-neutral and Smart City pioneer. The ambition is to initiate a new project, Nordic Superblocks as Decarbonization Catalysts, with intended pilot cases in Tampere, Espoo, and Helsinki.

on stage


Markus Laine

Senior lecturer, Tampere University – Markus Laine is a university lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development in Administrative studies, at Tampere University. His research interests are in collaborative planning, zoning, sustainable urban solutions, sharing economy, sustainable transportation, co-housing, and neighborhood development. He works actively with sustainable urban development practitioners in order to combine research and development. This orientation has brought two first awards in 2019: Finnish housing reform architect competition to City of encounters (SAFA) and Tampere University’s societal impact award to Dwellers in Agile Cities.


Toni Tuomola

District Manager, Skanska Finland – As the District Manager, Toni Tuomola is responsible for residential and urban area development for Tampere and Jyväskylä. Among others, he has supervised the design and construction of projects in Härmälänranta, Luminary, and Ranta-Tampella, driving future-proof, sustainable development for highly livable urban environments. Skanska is a value-driven company that supports health, well-being and promotes green solutions, and runs operations in a green way. Tuomola has led several sustainable studies and projects.


Kari Kankaala

Director Urban Environment and Development, City of Tampere – Tampere's Director of Environment and Development advances solutions and cooperation towards sustainable urban futures.


Iiro Salkari

Head of Portfolio, Weather and Environment, Vaisala – Iiro Salkari has a history of working in the electronic manufacturing and digital solutions industry As a global technology leader and expert in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, Vaisala supports the measurement needs of governments, various industries, research organizations, and agriculture. Vaisala’s premium measurement solutions enhance safety, efficiency, and decision-making for a sustainable future.


Ilkka Vähämöttönen

Business Director, Fidelix – Fidelix has developed a smart, reliable, and widely-compatible building automation system generating benefits in the form of better indoor climates, lower energy consumption, and reduced maintenance costs.