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15 June 2021

Poland sees first climate lawsuit against government, filed by citizens

Following the recent moves by Exxon Mobil shareholders to push the company towards climate responsibility finds a continuation in reports from Poland of a citizen-mounted lawsuit against the Polish government which alleges they have failed to protect citizens from climate change. The criticism against the Polish government’s failure to act sufficiently fast reflects a growing urgency among younger generations that sees young activists taking the public op inion swaying actions of activists like Great Thunberg in Sweden and Mari Copeny and her water-advocacy in Flint, Michigan in the USA to the next level.
This movement sets in stark contrast the government’s courting of coal-industry investments in the country with the populations future, with the litigants calling for the government to commit to a 61% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2030. It remains to be seen whether such actions will be mirrored elsewhere to push governments into action.

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