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3 August 2021

UK publishes plan to decarbonize transport by 2050

The UK became the world’s first to outline a path towards decarbonized transport when it launched, on July 14th, 2021, the so-called ‘greenprint’. The greenprint includes measures to ensure sufficient charging infrastructure to support electric vehicle rollout, switching over to an entirely electric fleet of government cars by 2027, ending sales of polluting road vehicles by 2040, and reaching net zero emissions for aviation by 2050. The plan leans heavily on improving the public transport network nationwide and promoting active forms of transport like cycling and walking, with a total of £2 billion already committed to the effort in addition to £2.8 billion committed to supporting industry and motorists to switch to cleaner vehicles. The government has also committed to laying out legislation later this year to ensure all private EV charging points meet smart charging standards.

See the UK government’s website for further detail on the plan.