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3 February 2021

US Mayors hope for action on climate change

With the Biden administration already working to bring the USA back to the forefront of the climate movement, US cities hope to see the new administration take action in support of their efforts to reach climate targets. The American National League of Cities gathered together a list of the top priorities Mayors of US cities hope to see the Biden administration address. The top five priorities were:

  • National policy demanding urgent action, enacting a national renewable portfolio standard that seeks to reach 50% carbon-neutral energy by 2030 and full carbon-neutrality in energy production by 2050.
  • Funding for local energy conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency projects.
  • Funding as well as tools and expert advice on preparing for climate change’s impacts by conducting vulnerability assessments, and develop resiliency plans as well as funding and incentives for achieving zero-emission public transport.
  • The federal government should lead by example, joining forerunner cities that have already taken considerable action while federal policies lag behind.
  • Local voice in national policy-setting and deliberation. Cities want to see a renewed effort to bring local leaders back into the fold on national policy-setting as they were called on to provide local recommendations to the President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience in 2014.

The WALCC believes cities are on the frontlines in turning policy into action and taking the practical steps necessary to reach climate goals. A crucial step in achieving this is understanding the needs and circumstances of cities, instituting a dialogue between state and local level governance is essential to realizing this.

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