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26 January 2024

Sharing experiences and learnings at Hiedanranta, Tampere

Just before Christmas 2023, NSDC Partners, under the lead of Tampere University, met with Mikko Leinonen, CEO, and Reijo Väliharju, Head of Sustainability and Innovation, of Hiedanranta Development Ltd in the Hiedanranta district of Tampere to introduce the NSDC and learn about each other’s aims.

Tampere’s Hiedanranta is a historical factory community that is transforming into a modern and sustainable city district. Located next to the Lielahti industrial area and four kilometers from Tampere’s city center, the plan is to turn Hiedanranta into a smart and sustainable district. Hiedanranta already houses independent culture and activities, and the aim is to preserve these in the district of the future.

Tampere University had previously worked with Hiedanranta Development on the conceptualization of the superblock idea and Markus Laine presented the nine foundational concept rules that have now been researched further. Many of these principles align with the planned development of the Hiedanranta area, according to the BREEAM Communities guidelines that Hiedanranta is committed to. Hiedanranta Development is working collaboratively with the City of Tampere, companies, organizations, and citizens to make sure the new living environment meets everybody’s needs. Various shared spaces are part of the masterplan, and a new service model is planned to coordinate activities for residents and visitors in the future.

The construction of the city district will begin from the “North Blocks”, north of the factory complex. The first plot sale competition started in June 2022 and the construction will begin in 2024. The first residents will move in in 2025. In April 2023, Hiedanranta Development launched the second open plot allocation competition in the northern area of Hiedanranta. This competition was run as a concept competition to encourage developers to come up with sustainable housing solutions that go beyond the already high criteria for building in Hiedanranta. Cooperation with Hiedanranta Development Ltd and the developers will start early this year (2024) with the planning of the construction projects.